BELGRADE, SERBIA 26.01. - 30.04.2023.


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    *All styles of internal Chinese martial arts like Baguazhang,Xingyiquan, Taijiquan share the same theories and principles. For example, they all use thirteen principles as their foundations. The thirteen principles refer to eight energies or techniques plus five directions.
    The Eight Energies or Eight Gates are:
    • Peng (Ward off) - An outward expanding kind of energy
    • Lu (Roll back) - This energy is to neutralize the attack and redirect to other direction)
    • Ji (Press) – Squeezing
    • An (Push)
    • Cai (Pulling downward)
    • Lie (Split) - Using energy going in opposite directions to attack
    • Zhou (Elbow strike)
    • Kao (Body leaning strike) - Using shoulders, chest, upper back, legs or hips to strike
    The Five Directions or Five Steps are:
    • Advancing Forward,
    • Retrieving Backward,
    • Gazing or stepping to the left,
    • Looking or stepping to the right, and
    • Stay centered.

    In Lao Jia Er Lu routine, Cai, Lie, Zhou, Kao, are used as primary techniques and Peng, Lu, Ji, An are used as assisting techniques. Movements in Er Lu routine tend to be more complex comparing to Yi Lu. It is important that students have a good foundation and understanding of Yi Lu's training prior to the learning of Er Lu.*
    "In the lunar new year of the rabbit, here with Master Valentina Sljivic and students from OSAM along, we are going to have training on Lao JiaEr Lu, Old Frame, part of the Second Routine, nickname the Cannon Fist of Taijiquan.

    Cannon Fist is mainly based on the energies of Cai (Grabbing), Lie (Splitting), Zhou (Elbow Striking) and Kao (Crashing), and assisting by the energies of Peng (Warding Off), Lv (Rolling Back), Ji (Pressing Forward) and An (Pushing Downward). It is with more firmness and less softness. This routine is punctuated with 'fa qin' which is the explosive release of energy. With an emphasis on speed and power, Cannon Fist trains a Taijiquan practitioner to deliver great force and energy flowing in a relaxed body and mind." – said Master Shi Feng Li



    Pushing hands trains these technical principles in ever increasing complexity of patterns. At first students work basic patterns, then patterns with moving steps coordinated in different directions, patterns at differing heights (high, middle, low and combinations) and then finally different styles of "freestyle" push hands, which lead into sparring that combines closing and distancing strategies with long, medium and short range techniques.
    Ancient people said for TuiShou:
    "If (one is) able to lead (the coming force) into emptiness, (one) can (use) the four ounces to repel one thousand pounds; if (one is) unable to lead (the coming force) into the emptiness, (one) is unable to (use) the four ounces to repel one thousand pounds." This saying is quite correct and conclusive.

    About Master 李世锋 Li Shifeng.

    Li Shifeng is the Co-founder of 李世锋功夫书院 Li Shifeng Kungfu Academy and 中劲道 Zhong Jin Dao Kungfu Training System. He was born in Henan Province, central China and has shared 站桩 Standing Meditation, 气功 Qigong, 太极 Tai Chi and 少林功夫 Shaolin with friends and students from more than 120 different countries face to face in person and online, respectively.
    The next following places are where he visited and was invited to give training: China: Henan, Beijing, Shanghai, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Yunan, Xizang (Tibet), Qinghai, Gansu, Shanxi, Sichuan, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Hong Kong, etc. USA: Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Miami, Tampa, Washington DC, New York, Chicago, Huntsville, etc. Asia: Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, Turkey, etc. Central America: Mexico, Cuba, etc. South America: Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, etc. Europe: Belarus, Russia, Finland, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, France, Spain, Greece, Belgium, Albania etc.
    The age range of people involved in Li Shifeng Kungfu Academy and Zhong Jin Dao from 1 to 86 years old; His students have won hundreds of medals in dozens of International Wushu Kungfu Competitions in China and at abroad. In addition, Li Shifeng used to teach at the unique school for mental disabled children in Bali, Indonesia for helping the children to gain stronger self-confidence, better perception and balance through Zhong Jin Dao Kungfu Training System; And he gave therapy at the Turkish Elders Care Center in Augsburg, Germany to improve the health and immunity system for the elders on wheelchair; At the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in China, he cooperate with the people with physical disability and the researchers to experience how Qigong and Tai Chi work on medication. Beyond all, he taught Wushu Kungfu English for more than 700 pupils in Chenjiagou Village, where is the birthplace of Chen Style Tai Chi to educate them to be international Tai Chi ambassador since even as a child.


    „TAIJIQUAN 13 forms of Harmony + Pushing Hands”

    Classes are in English

    Date: 26/01 – 30/04/2023 (3 months – 26 hours)
    Days of trainings: Every Tuesday and Thursday 6.30 pm – 7.30 pm
    Location: Belgrade, Serbia
    Information e-mail:

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